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Man Regrets Beheading, Roasting Ex-Lover As Judiciary Tightens Noose

Douala (National Times)-Eduoard Zapfack, 46 author of an April 6th crime of passion at the Bojongo neighbourhood of the Douala 4 municipality, Wouri Division, Littoral Region of Cameroon has revealed details of how he killed and burnt his ex-lover in a disputed house.

Security and judicial officers ferried Zapfack to the scene of his action Thursday Friday April 12th. He staged a reminiscence of how he carried out the act amid jeers from the neighbours. Most sort mob action for the accused.

At the scene, Zapfack narrated how he accessed the home of  his ex-lover Marie Cecile around 2:AM under the cover of darkness that fateful  day and used a machete to butcher her head.  He confessed later setting the entire building ablaze roasting the body of the murdered woman inside.

While admitting the act amid regrets, the 46 years old man claims, he does not know what pushed him to commit the act. He narrated that, he and Cecile labored to construct the burnt house but  things went acerbic  and he was thrown out.

Zapfack said he tried taking away his own life. He admits consuming rat poison and other poisonous substances to no avail. He reveals engaging in other acts such as attempting to commit suicide hoping his ex-lover will ask him to return but all the maneuvers failed.

After musing the  act, Zapfack was ferried to the New Bell prison in Douala. He is expected to stand trial for the acts committed. He and Cecile reportedly met in 2006.

Judicial authorities who listened and watched a re-enactment of the happenstance averred that, if the population had acted when the problem was degenerating between Zapfack and Cecile, the abomination would have been averted.

Magistrate Leslye Forban advised the population of the area to be calm and avoid such problems. The investigations have been closed while the judiciary is expected to invoke the provisions of the law in relation to the act committed.


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