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Defense Minister Takes Biya’s Words To Wounded Soldiers

Bamenda (National Times)-Joseph Beti Asomo, Minister Delegate in Charge of Defense at Cameroon’s presidency on Thursday June 6th  dished out words  of encouragement from the country’s president Paul Biya to soldiers  bruised in battle against  separatists’ fighters in the North West Region.

Beti Assomo headed a delegation of other top security brass to Bamenda on board a military aircraft. The mission is at the instruction of president Biya.The delegation touched down at the 101 air base in Bafut. From here, the minister visited a health center of the Rapid Intervention Battalion  popularly known by the French acronym BIR.

He then visited soldiers responding to treatment at the Bamenda Military Hospital in the Up station vicinity.  Across the health facilities, the minister echoed words of encouragement and hope from president Biya.

He wished them a speedy recovery reassuring of the best medical attention across the country. The  Minister congratulated the defense and security forces for putting their lives on the line to  defend the fatherland and secure persons and property.

After exchanges with the wounded officers, the minister moved to the headquarters of the 5th Military Region Comprising the North West and West Regions at the same Up Station neighbourhood. Here, he had a meeting with the military high command of the Region.

It is unclear if  the recent developments in Wum came under discourse during the in-camera exchanges. However, the minister is quoted as having asked troops to desist from filming  footages and putting on the social media.

Minister Asomo and his team left Bamenda  for Buea same Thursday. He is expected to have similar exchanges with the military high command of the 2nd joint Military Region in the South West Region Today. His convoy was at the Governor’s office in the evening hours of Thursday.


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