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Case Files Of Arrested CRM members Missing In Yaoundé

Yaounde (National Yimes)-Magistrates at the Yaoundé High Court in Yaoundé are unable to trace the case files of some members of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) who were arrested on June 1 following their protest march in Yaoundé.

During the hearing at the Mfoundi High Court in Yaoundé on Tuesday June 18 the case was suspended by the Judge given time to the State Counsel to fetch the case files of the detainees which were reportedly being kept at the Yaoundé Kondengui Central prison.

After about an hour of waiting, the State Counsel returned from the prison declaring that the case files of the arrested members were unavailable.

According to the spokesperson of Professor Maurice Kamto, Bibou Nissack, the Registrar of the Yaoundé kondengui central prison informed the court that there is no official document in his keeping detailing the judicial status of the arrested persons. Bibou Nissack also said that the arrested persons were transferred to the prison facility without an express authorization by the Magistrates as per law which is why no case file can be established for them. He described the situation as “judicial tramadol.”

Among those arrested were the First National Vice President of the party, Mamadou Mota, His Majesty Biloa Effa, Chief of Mvog-Betsi, Yaoundé and Special Adviser to Maurice Kamto as well as Dr Appolinaire Oko, regional party head for the South. The case has been adjourned for June 20th. In the meantime, 33 members of the party arrested for the same course in Nkongsamba were released same Tuesday.

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