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Cameroon’s Health Sector Suffers Another Setback As Flames Engulf Muyuka District Hospital

Muyuka(National Times)-The health sector in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon in the early hours of Sunday, March 31, 2019, was dealt another devastating blow, when the Muyuka District Hospital in Fako Division, South West Region went up in flames.

It is the second time in less than two months that a health institution is coming under attack from unknown arsonists in a Region where health and educational institutions have been paralysed by a raging armed conflict.

Speaking to the press after the incident, the Director of the Muyuka District Hospital, Dr Joseph Bah, said he was only called by his collaborator at about 2:00 am to inform him of what had happened in the hospital.

According to him, even though the real cause of the fire outbreak had not been ascertained there was however great financial and material loses.

“The Emergency Department and other departments of the hospital were torched; a lot of medications were also consumed by the inferno…however, the only good news is that there was no loss of human life…the population was very alert and came out in time to quench the fire before it could spread to other parts of the hospital,” Dr Bah stated.

To corroborate the Director’s assessment, pictures of drugs, beds, mattresses and other hospital equipment which were completely ravaged by the inferno started making the rounds on social media hours after the incident.

Meanwhile, in an amateur video that is making the rounds on social media, the commentator in the video is accusing Cameroon’s military of burning down the health facility.

It was a similar situation of accusations and counter accusations between the forces of law and order and the separatist Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF) when the Kumba District Hospital was torched on February 11, 2019 in which four patients were roasted alive.

After the arson attack on the hospital, the military accused the ADF for the arson attack, while ADF placed culpability of the hospital inferno on the doorstep of the military. No independent investigation was ordered by the Government to unmask the real culprits behind the fire incident. It is the same chain of event that is continuing.

Health facilities and personnel have become targets of attack since the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon.


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