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New research reveals the origin and age of Lake Ejagham in Cameroon

A study conducted by US based scientists, Jay Curt Stager and his colleagues at New York University has revealed the age and origin of Lake Ejagham in Manyu Division of Cameroon.

The research findings published in Journal of Quaternary Research, titled “On the Age and Origin of Lake Ejagham, Cameroon, and Its Endemic Fishes” claims that the Lake was formed 9,000 years ago. ‘These findings establish a maximum age of 9,000 years for the Lake and its endemic species.’

The picture with the title Michael at Lake Ejagham, Cameroon was taken by the photographer BStarr on 13 September 2007 and published over Panoramio.

Lake Ejagham is a small lake near Eyumodjock in the Southwest Region of Cameroon. Unlike many other lakes in the region, it is not a volcanic lake, but is likely a solution basin formed by groundwater during the last Ice Age.

This highly isolated lake is roughly oval in shape, lacks an inflow, but has an outflow into the Munaya River (part of the Cross River system). The outflow is impassable to most fishes because of a waterfall.



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