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Victim of Anglophone Crisis abandoned in hospital over unpaid bills

As the current Crisis in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon rages on, pathetic and tear-provoking stories continue to emerge concerning the downtrodden, whose lives have been torn apart and by a Crisis which the Bishops of Cameroon have aptly described as “a useless and senseless war”.

Amongst one of the trending issues in the on-going Anglophone Crisis is the story of young Anastasia Acha, who in the course of escaping flying bullets in the wake of military torching in Kwa-Kwa, a village in the South West Region of Cameroon, was knocked down by a rushing vehicle.

Young Anastasia Acha

According to the officials of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), the young Anastasia, who after battling for her life in hospital succeeded to recover, but is now stranded at the health facility due accumulated bills which her displaced family cannot afford.

Officials of CHRDA asserted that “On December 3, 2017, Anastasia Acha was escaping an attack on her home in Kwa-Kwa but she was knocked down by a vehicle in the process. She was then transferred to the Saint Luke Clinic (Bokwai, Buea), where Medics were able to operate her leg and she is actually walking on crutches. Her grandparents with whom she lived have fled military raids after their home was set ablaze. But Anastasia has been at the hospital for over eight months with an unpaid bill of FCFA.668, 545.”

Young Anastasia Acha

The story, told by Officials of CHRDA is aimed at raising funds in order to help the young Anastasia pay her bills and reunite her with her displaced family who have lost everything.
Anastasia’s story is just one out of many other stories about helpless Cameroonians in the English-speaking Regions of Cameroon, who have succeeded in battling for their lives, after surviving the military holocaust in their villages.

In most cases, many have died because they were left stranded in areas that have been cut out off from the health grid as many hospitals have been crippled in most parts of Anglophone Cameroon because of the on-going fight between armed groups and the military.

Calls for dialogue are being ignored by the warring factions, with the Government talking of an ‘on-going dialogue’ amidst everyday killings.
On their part, the gunmen have refused to down their arms until when will obtain what they termed “their independence.” The result of these extreme positions is the spilling of innocent human blood.

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