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ELECAM promises to dismantle polling stations in military barracks as pressure mounts

Officials of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) have come under scrutiny in recent weeks, following revelations the elections management body made that some polling stations are located in military barracks and the palaces of traditional rulers.

Such revelations made by ELECAM forced Jean Michel Nintcheu, Littoral Regional Chairman of the leading opposition political party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front(SDF) to programme a street protest in Douala on September 15.

ELECAM Head Office in Yaounde

The scheduled protest was to force officials of ELECAM to dismantle polling stations in military barracks and palaces of traditional rulers which the SDF militants consider as no go areas.

Meanwhile, speaking in Yaounde on Monday, August 27, 2018, during a consultation forum with members of the Diplomatic Corps, ELECAM’s Chair, Enow Abrahams Egbe, revealed that the elections management body will dismantled polling stations in the military barracks and traditional palaces. According to him, such a mover will enhance the transparency and credibility of the upcoming Presidential election.

He, nonetheless, asserted that since the polling stations have a legal basis, they cannot be taken far away from such areas. “Such polling stations can only be relocated in the vicinity so as not to disrupt voting. The fact that some polling stations are located in the barracks does not mean that only soldiers vote there. The civilian population in and around the place, also vote in such polling stations,” Enow explained.

He assured the diplomats accredited to Cameroon that the October 7 Presidential poll will take place in the tumultuous Anglophone Regions.

“Polling stations will be moved to the displaced population even in to different Regions…we are out to organise transparent and credible elections in our country,” he reiterated.

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