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Traditional Healer’s ‘ghost’ spotted in Kumba after burial

Inhabitants of the Kosala neighbourhood in Kumba, South West Region of Cameroon have raised an alarm over the surfacing of the ghost of a traditional healer popularly called Dr. Egbe, two days after he died from snake bites.

Traditional doctor suffering from snake bites

When The National Times visited the neighbourhood early Thursday, August 30, an inhabitant confirmed that “Egbe’s ghost was potted at a popular Matango (palm wine) bar”.

Egbe was known to be a celebrated patron of the palm wine joint. He had reportedly been elevated to the rank of a patron at the joint.

Another Kosala inhabitant confirmed the appearance of Egbe’s ghost, but suspected something spiritual.

“Dr Egbe died under controversial circumstances. That snake is believed to be his totem. It’s suspected that he violated the rules of engagement. He resisted sane advice for he was negotiating a second chance. Unfortunately it never came,” our respondent averred.

Egbe was reportedly married to a woman of North West extraction. He was spotted around the Kumba-Town neighbourhood last Sunday, August 26 with a python wrapped around his hands. Blood oozed from his fingers continually owing to multiple snake bites.

Already looking sapped, the Traditional Healer rejected calls from passers-by to rush to the hospital. He had vowed to kill the snake before dying claiming it was a totem sent after his life.

His death was reported in the early hours of Tuesday. He had admitted encountering the snake at the famous ‘Kumba Water’ stream. He went fishing, but ended up in a scuffle with a python.

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