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Nigerian Prophet Accuses Cameroon Separatists of Burning Villages

Auchi, Edo State,Nigeria- based Pentecostal Pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman says, some of the houses razed across villages in Cameroon’s English speaking Regions was carried by ‘rebel groups’.

The prophet revealed that, rebel groups have hijacked the socio-political crisis for pecuniary gains. Speaking during a church service Sunday September 2, Suleman issued a seven days ultimatum on those he called rebels to repent else they will be crushed.

Pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman

Shortly after preaching, the professor of human development started prophesying on Christians. He then moved to a teenager from Mamfe(Town in Cameron) whom he warned to be careful with rebels. Within seconds, the cleric delved into the crisis in Cameroon;

“ The problem in Cameroon is because of the prosperity I see in that nation and what God is about to do. But the reason I want to speak to Cameroon is what God told me this morning… There are certain people who are capitalising on this war. These ones… they are neither with the Anglophones or Francophones…. they are just rebels. They are capitalising on what is happening to kill people… to rob people…. to rape people… to kidnap people… When they kidnap people, they will ask for money. They come to people’s houses and say they are looking for them.

The Lord is saying there is a leader of the rebels who any time they do what they do,.. the Lord told me they will come and settle the leader. God says the leader is the leader of the rebels. I have always said this…. my first country is Nigeria and my second country is Cameroon. So if you see me interested in Cameroon….. it is not because there is anything that am connected to it… but God told me. I heard this from God. I was praying for America… to conquer America and the Lord said to me… you are a voice to America to Europe… you are a voice to African countries …. he said but I make you a prophet of Cameroon. I heard it from God. It is not something I can claim for myself. I can sit down and get messages for Cameroon just like I get for Nigeria.

The next people that will be destroyed in seven days if they don’t repent are the rebels. Seven days….. all the people they have kidnapped into captivity …. release them…. let me tell you… all of you in Cameroon. You don’t know what is happening. Some of the people in the bush are not there because of the war. Some of them were carried there because of the rebels. Some of the houses that were destroyed were not by the military…. Some of the things that are happening now, some of you don’t even know…. you are blaming the government….. meanwhile some people have hijacked the issue. They are feeding fat. They arm themselves and they are busy making money and you are busy blaming the government.

I have a message for the government… the government should not spare these rebels because the rebels are spoiling their name. But I stand as the prophetic voice to the nations and I declare Lord the rebels in Cameroon who are hurting people… taking people’s wives…. taking people’s daughters… I scatter them…. I scatter them. Let them begin to fight themselves. Peace enter Cameroon!…. Peace enter Cameroon!… peace enter Cameroon!….peace enter the nation!… Peace in Africa….Peace all over the World in Jesus name”. Suleman concluded.

The Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa; an Non-Governmental Organisation based in Cameroon has documented the number of villages burnt in Anglophone Cameroon to at least 102.

Three weeks back while preaching in Dubai, the same pastor prayed against those he said were killing innocent souls. He prayed for God to waste the lives of those propagating the killing of souls. Then, he said it was his first time of praying for God to kill those fomenting the slaughter of innocent souls in Anglophone Cameroon.

The journalist turned pastor has been vocal since the early days of the Anglophone crisis. All his predictions on the crisis have come to pass. When he predicted the inception of ghost towns, the shutting down of schools, banks and court rooms, critics waived such but all these have come to past.

The preacher has repeatedly maintained that, the bloodletting befalling Cameroon is spiritually ignited. Tom him, there are people whose blood banks have gone empty and they provoked such to refill their tanks. Suleman said the devil has blinded many to think it is an issue of Francophones and Anglophones.

Last week, he ordered Nigerians to pray against bombings that would sink the nation. Within the same week, a ship loaded with bombs and other explosives bound for Nigeria was intercepted in South Africa.

Same Sunday, Kumba-pased Prophet Kevin Tagham Nubidga declared to thousands of Christians through his ‘Transfiguration Television’ that, “ the will of God is for children to go back to school”. The man of God said however, human actions are needed to make such possible. He said the hand of God will prevail from now till the end of the year despite the anxiety across the board.

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