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Population lynches man for beheading employer’s wife

A man has been beaten to death and his body dumped in a river in Kupe-Muanenguba Division of the South West Region of Cameroon for beheading his master’s wife.

The incident occurred recently in Essam Quarter of Melonghoh Village, Western Bakossi.


It followed disagreements over money. It is reported that the man beaten to death surfaced at the house of his employer and demanded money owed him

Sources told The National Times that the woman was sitting in the parlour at the time the employee, who works in the husband’s cocoa farm, came requesting for his money. When the worker requested to see his master, the wife said the husband was in the room. Few minutes after, the worker is reported to have pulled a machete and beheaded the woman.

Eyewitnesses said to the shock of locals, the husband of the decapitated wife inside the room was unaware of the macabre act. Neighbours are said to have been the first to discover the body of the woman inside the parlour while the husband was still in the room.

The husband told neighbours that he did not hear any sound of anguish. Even with the wife’s head cut-off, the man is said to have told onlookers that he was not aware of any incident as such.

In the face of the development, a group of boys swooped on the killer-worker. The angry youths meted snake beatings on the worker. The beatings are said to have continued until he gave up the ghost. Thereafter, the worker’s mortal remains were thrown into a river in the locality.

The same angry youths returned to the scene of the assassination and trashed the husband of the deceased woman.

The man popularly known as ‘Ten Kobo’ in the area was accused of not opening up on what transpired between him and the worker. Some are said to have suspected a ritual transaction.

A host of the inhabitants who have sought refuge in Western Bakossi escaped hostilities of the social pressures in Anglophone Cameroon from their homes in Konye.

Within the same area, reports hold that gunmen surfaced and killed some six persons. The gunmen are said to have accused those killed of witchcraft practices.

Just over a month ago, gunmen killed a woman, Regina Ntube. Two other women were caught and buried alive side-by-side the remains of Ntube.

This happened in the area of Eboko Bajaw all in Western Bakossi.

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