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Trending: Church members use prayers to extinguish fire

Members of a popular Nigerian Christian denomination, Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM)  have been caught on camera praying to extinguish a fire in a building in Lagos, Nigeria.

The video was first posted on Facebook on August 20, by Clowns Exposed. In the video, more than three dozen women from an MFM branch in Lagos, can be seen praying to extinguish fire on a neighbouring property.

Mountain of Fire Ministries is a Pentecostal denomination with over 14,000 branches around the world. Its head office is in Nigeria, but has branches in several other African, European, and North American countries. It was founded in 1989 by a Nigerian, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya after his studies in the United Kingdom. Its members are known for their aggressive prayer style. On its website, visitors are told “MFM is a do-it-yourself Gospel ministry where your hands are trained to wage war and your fingers to do battle”.

Some social media users have criticised the Christians as blindfolded. “Christianity is the biggest prank played on people” on Fcaebook user said. Another user, Kolawole Onikoyi asked “how did we get to this. It’s quite unfortunate”. Carol Ngozi exclaimed, “The fire doesn’t care. Put the bloody fire out with water or starve it by removing anything that will act as fuel around the area. SMH”.

Others have come to the congregant’s defence, arguing there is nothing wrong with what they were doing and the members were praying to protect their church premise. Afees Ayindamola said “Jesus said pray about everything. Pray at all times. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what they were doing. Besides, emergency was on the way”. Christian Okezie said “I tell you what, that prayer worked. That house was the LG outlet where I bought a generator a week before the fire incident.  That outlet was totally burnt down, but the fire never caught the MFM building.

As the boundary line between the real and the surreal continues to get blur in most African countries, it becomes increasingly difficult how to judge such responses from Christians.

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