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Physically challenged man ‘disappears’ for commercialising Brasseries products

A physically challenged man, popularly known as ‘Bosco’, in Matoh Park in Kumba, South West Region have been abducted after gunmen disguised as customers and caught him selling products of ‘Les Brassereis du Cameroun (SABC’).

Brasseries product consumers

For months now, a self-imposed separatist ban on the sale of the products of the company has been effective across most part of the South West Region.

In the case of Bosco, gunmen reportedly surfaced at his Matoh Park beer parlour and pretended that they be served chilled bottles of ‘Boaster Lager’. Bosco is reported to have admitted that he had the brand of beer, but reportedly disagreed with his abductors over the price.

The abductors reportedly agreed to pay FCFA 800 for a bottle of drink, but the physically challenged man is quoted as having insisted that a bottle can only be sold at FCFA 1000.

At this point, the abductors are reported to have opened up on their identity and mission. The gunmen whisked Bosco into the nameless location.They accused him of contravening the orders of the separatists, banning the sale of Les Brasseries products.

Even at the moment, his family remains disturbed over the chain of events. The abductors are said to be demanding a ransom in exchange for his release.

Bosco’s case is a rare one. He is the first person living with disability to have fallen fallen into the dragnet of gunmen suspected to be members of the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF).

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