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Minister blames manipulators as reports of another internet cut haunt Cameroonians

Cameroon’s Post and Telecommunications Minister, Minette Limbom Li Likeng nee Medomo, has blamed manipulators for the rumours of an internet cut across the territory spanning October 7 to 9, 2018.

The Minister in release No: 336 dated September 10, described the rumours that has kept especially the population jittery as ‘Fake News’.

Minister Minette Libom Li Likeng

Limbom in the release said the unfounded information circulating within the public space is a project to stigmatise Cameroonian public authorities.

The Post and Telecommunications boss writes that President Biya through the Prime Minister, Yang Philemon, has embarked on an ambitious development of the digital ecosystem.

She insists in her release that the Government is bent on providing up to date Internet services to Cameroonians in line with the respect of the laws and human rights.

Despite the ministerial assurances, critics recall that around the same month last year, the Minister assured the population in a similar rumour, but the Internet was cut across the North West and the South West Region.

Since the Anglophone Crisis, Cameroon is known to hold the records of one of the longest internet cuts in history lasting 93 days. It ended in April 2017.

Then around September 27 , 2017 the same rumours emerged of an imminent disruption in internet services, but the Minister debunked such rumours. Then around September 30, the internet was disrupted.

Since the Anglophone Crisis, the influence of the social media has placed Government on the alert against separatist activists propagating anti-regime moves on different platforms.

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