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Re-electing Biya would be catastrophic to Cameroon, former CPDM stalwart warns

Former Minister of Public Health and Secretary General at the Presidency of Republic, Titus Edzoa, has warned Cameroonians that giving Biya another mandate will be disastrous to the country.

He said the current conditions in Cameroon do not permit for a free and fair election, which explains the reason he did not challenge Biya in the October 7 Presidential poll.

Minister of Public Health and Secretary General at the Presidency of Republic, Titus Edzoa

Speaking recently on the German radio, Deutsche Welle, the former political prisoner classified what is going on in the Anglophone Regions as a civil war and people would not be able to freely express their choices in any poll.

“We are living in a civil car and I think we cannot have a universal suffrage in this situation which is why I decided not to present my candidature,” he said.

According to the University don cum politician, the solution to the conflict in the Anglophone Regions lies in the hands of the current President, Paul Biya. “It is only the current President who can take the decision to put an end to the war,” he argued.

What has become known as the Anglophone Problem today, according to Titus Edzoa is not a linguistic conflict, but the unsuccessful management of two variant systems; the Jacobin system of the French which ensures that power is concentrated at the centre and the Anglo-Saxon system where power belongs to the people.

The former Biya cohort argued that he became part of the current regime because he believed it was out to clean the vestiges of the Ahidjo regime, which he described as ‘very difficult’.

“However, along the line, the Biya regime derailed from its actual purpose of making life better for Cameroonians. I am a man of conviction and when my principles are not met I say NO,” Edzoa said.

He reiterated that it would be a catastrophe if Biya is re-elected President of Cameroon on October 7. “For me it would be a catastrophe, I think I have said it before…the current President cannot solve the problems of Cameroon,” Edzoa stated.

Titus Edzoa was Biya’s former Secretary General, who resigned from the Government at the eve of the 1997 Presidential election to table his candidacy. He was immediately arrested and tried for corruption. He was found guilty in what has been described as a politically motivated case and jailed for 17 years.

He was released in 2014 and has since the not been very active in politics. Edzoa is a Professor of Surgery and Biya’s former Physician.

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