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2 separate opposition coalitions in gestation 48 hours to voting day

At least two platforms to get an opposition coalition to face Biya in the October 7 political consultation is said to be in gestation among leaders of parties participating in the election, barely 48 hours to voting day.

Political gesticulation across the board is expected to result in a possible coalition between candidate Muna Akere Tabeng of the Popular Front for Development(PFD) party and Maurice Kamto’s Cameroon Renaissance Movement(CRM).

Talks have reportedly advanced among both candidates as the campaign window closes under two days from now. Kamto is expected to hold a press briefing today in Yaouonde. Among the many declarations expected is the result of consultations between him and Akere.

On the other front, Social Democratic Front(SDF) flag bearer, Joshua Osih Nabangi and Serge Espoir Matomba of the United People for Social Renovation(PURS) party were pictured in Yaounde on October 4 holding discussions.

Civil society leader and human rights lawyer, Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, was part of the meeting between Matomba and Osih.

But for pictures from the meeting which have emerged on different fronts, the results of the discussions are still awaited.

Barrister Balla on his twitter handle indicated that the meeting with the political leaders and members of the civil society is to work for a possible coalition ahead of Sunday’s voting.

Matomba, Agbor Balla and Osih holding possible coalition meeting

At the moment, no definite arrangements have been reached. Anxiety is high among electorates clamouring for the opposition candidates to unite and produce a single candidate.

The trend of behind-the-scene negotiation among the candidates many fear may end up with a fragmented coalition not strong enough to win Biya through the ballot box.

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