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Serge Espoir Matomba gets new bus after fire incident

The First Secretary of the United People for Social Innovation (PURS), and party candidate for the October 7 Presidential election, Serge Espoir Matomba, has acquired a new ultra-modern bus after fire consumed the previous one a fortnight ago.

The bus which was presented to the public recently has come to replace another which was consumed by fire last Saturday, September 29 around the Garoua-Boulai stretch of road in the East Region.

Just like the previous one, the newly acquired coach transit service bus has been decorated with the party’s colours and image of the 39-year-old entrepreneur and is used to convey close aides of Matomba to rallies and events round the nation.

It is also another form of publicity and propaganda as wherever the bus goes it draws admiration from the general public.

Immediately after the famous fire incident which consumes the former bus, Matomba went on air to encourage his militants not to worry, instructing them to continue with regular party and campaign activities.

In the last 48 hours, Serge Espoir Matomba has been canvassing for votes in the Adamawa, North and Far North Regions.


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