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ELECAM Speaks after elections: “Voting held in all 10 regions…results will be published in 15 days”

Cameroon Electoral Commission (ELECAM) has briefed the public on the on the 07 October poll, which the commission says was a ‘free, fair, transparent and credible poll’.

Through the document which was published several hours after the election, ELECAM informs the public on how the election was carried out, and what comes next. ‘In accordance with the law, polling stations opened, in most cases, at 8am and closed at 6 pm, with the exception of certain polling stations that functioned following a security plan established in the South West and North West regions’ ELECAM said.

The organization also informs the public that ELECAM had a “solid” structure in place to distribute voting materials and organize the polls. Adding that the elections went glitch free, with minor exceptions of verbal confrontations between voters from different party camps.

Six million six hundred thousand five hundred and fifty-eight persons registered for the elections, and twenty five thousand and fifty four polling stations were operational in Cameroon and abroad.

The results will be forward to the ELECAM headquarters, after party representatives have signed the polling results from their respective camps, and the results will be announced by the Constitutional Council in 15 days.

The post-election briefing seems to more of a document that aims to legitimate the election, than a reflection on the actualities on the ground. More hundreds of thousands of Cameroonians in the English-speaking regions did not have the opportunity to vote due to the insecurity in the region or ELECAM’s inability to operate polling stations in this region. In addition, state officials use their offices and state resources, such as Cameroon Tribute and CRTV, to promote CPDM against opposition parties.

ELECAM has called on Cameroonians not to publish voting results before the constitutional council makes the final announcement. ‘Given that our electoral system does not allow for the publication of trends about the results, I hereby urge all the stakeholders of the process to exercise the greatest restraint, right up to the proclamation of the final results. This will constitute patriotism, civil responsibility, and wisdom’.




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