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Opposition candidates fail to appoint polling agents nationwide

The absence of polling agents representing candidates at most polling stations following Sunday’s Presidential poll across Cameroon has been identified a weakness, especially for opposition candidates.

Reports from observers across the over 25,000 polling stations indicate that most of the political parties lacked representatives at the polling station.

In much of the troubled North West and South West Regions, the absence was acute. Even the ruling CDPM party found it difficult to get representatives at all the polling stations.

In relatively peaceful cities, such as Limbe in Fako Division, the CPDM struggled to get a few representatives at polling stations. Most of them came late and behaved at first as though they were not part of the process before performing their role.

Many say the manifestation is a product of the uncertain times in English Cameroon.

Across Meme Division, none of the opposition candidates had any representatives at the polling stations. The CPDM had a few representatives who defied the odds. 

Unlike in the Anglophone zones where the situation could be ascribed to fear, the same observation was made in parts of the Littoral, Centre, West and Northern Regions. Most of the opposition parties did not have representatives.

Many see the absence of polling agents for opposition candidates as a sign of their weak political base. Except for the CPDM which has established party structures in the 360 Sub-divisions of the country, no other party measures up.

Contrary to the trend observed, members of campaign teams for candidates Maurice Kamto and Crabral Libii are already stressing nerves that, their representatives were chased in some polling stations.

They have been citing cases in the Northern parts of the country.

Both Kamto and Cabral made in routes campaigning in the Muslim-dominated Regions known to be decisive for whoever becomes Head of State in Cameroon.

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