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You must toe the line, Atanga Nji warns Presidential candidates

Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration (MINAT) Paul Nji Atanga, says all candidates in the October 7 Presidential election must behave in line with the rules and regulations in force as the nation holds its breathe for official results.

Atanga Nji issued the message to the candidates during a press conference at nightfall staged in the conference room of the Ministry of Territorial Administration in Yaounde.

According to the Minister, there are legally established institutions in the country charged with proclaiming results of the Presidential elections.

He said such is the preserve of the Constitutional Council, whose verdict must be awaited.

The Minister said any other election results from any source will not be accepted by Cameroonians. The MINAT boss insisted during the outing that candidates, who have grievances must use the right channels established in the country’s law to table their complaints.

He asserted that any other form of protest to the outcome of the election will not be tolerated.

To the Minister, all the stakeholders must behave in a responsible manner so that ‘what began well should end well’.

Sunday’s press outing which also focused on the general conduct of the polls sounded in tone to a similar warning the Minister issued on Friday, October 5. Then, Atanga declared at a joint press conference with Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary of Communication that any act of post elections violence will not be tolerated.

Apart from the warning, the Minister stated that the election progressed in line with best standards. Atanga Nji declared that no major incident was recorded across the territory as voting took place in all the 360 Sub-divisions of Cameroon.

He regretted that but for one of the Presidential candidates, whose party campaigned in at least 340 Sub-divisions, the others campaigned mostly in urban centres. He said it was regrettable that only one of the candidates did stage campaigns in the trouble-plagued North West and South West Regions.

Atanga disclosed that over 4000 elections monitors were accredited for Sunday’s exercise. He announced that all the candidate enjoyed maximum State security.



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