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Armoured car battles barefooted gunmen out of Kumba

At least a dozen gunmen suspected to be separatists’ fighters were chased-off the streets of Three Corners, Kumba in the South West Region of Cameroon by the armoured car of the nation’s elite forces (Rapid Intervention Battalion).

The unknown gunmen had surfaced on the road creating panic in the metropolis. Inhabitants around the Three Corners vicinity escaped in quick succession to their homes when they beheld the barefooted gunmen.

Armoured car

The appearance of the gunmen without shoes left onlookers confused as they battled to understand their mission.

Despite a few minutes of manifestation, the gunmen were forced to escape into the bush when a contingent of security forces stormed the area with an armoured car.

The manifestation of the gunmen in broad daylight is a strange act in Kumba since the recurrent gun battles between separatist forces and Cameroon’s military.

Separatists’ fighters are said to be scared of the military armoured cars because, according to local reports, most of the casualties of the separatists’ fighters have been recorded in various scuffles with the military armoured cars.

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