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Meet Mba Mba Louis, The Cameroonian Artiste Who Defied The Odds To Achieve His Childhood Dreams

34-year-old Mba Mba Louis is a Cameroonian artist of Oroko extraction.  Despite leaping into the music limelight in 2009 with his10 track album christened “Combine Naturel”, Mba Mba suffered a plethora of challenges that prevented him from becoming a household name in the Cameroon music industry. In the face of these setbacks, the astute artiste did not give up.  In 2014, he produced another single tagged “Papa Pleur” but the track did not generate the kind of effervescence the artiste wanted. As the flames of the new song gradually faded, the workaholic Mba Mba went back to work and came out with another masterpiece dubbed Efferalgan.

Ahead of the launching of the new track on Tuesday, January 1, 2019, The National Times sat down with the artiste to find out his motivation despite the many challenges, why his music is more appealing to the Congolese audience than his Cameroonian compatriots and what inspired Efferalgan?

His is a tale of patience, perseverance and a never say die attitude. Read on

Mba Mba Louis

Thanks very much for accepting to talk to The National Times. But who is Mba Mba Louis?

Mba Mba:  Mba Mba Louis is a 34-year-old Cameroonian and the first child in a family of six.  My mother hails from Issangele in the heart of the Bakassi Peninsula and my father from Ekumbako Bima village situated some 10 km from Mundemba Town the headquarters of Ndian Division. I am therefore, a free born of the Oroko ethnic group covering the Ndian and Meme Divisions of the South West Region of Cameroon in Central Africa. I am also a Multi-talented Artist.

I released my first album composed of 10 tracks entitled” Combine Naturel”  and produced by Massema Production of his majesty Ebanda Gustave of Douala in 2009, but my career became a catalogue of anti-climax as the production house mentioned supra failed to promote the album.

In 2014, I produced a single song track “papa pleur” with a good video but the lack of funds for promotion kept it from the public

As an Oroko artiste, many have accused you of doing music for the Congolese audience, not the Oroko or Cameroon audience. Does your own charity begin abroad?

The birth of a child is God’s opinion that the world should go on. I am a child of the universe and I sing for the universe. Music is a universal language and I have used this language to define my audience. I sing for the prudent. As such, the prudent Oroko and Cameroon people still believe in me and I hail them for that. Music transcends the human race. I am in my own small way trying to get a wider audience as a means of selling the Oroko tongue across bothers. I am also going back to my roots as history holds it that, the roots of the Oroko people is deeply planted in the soils of Congo. The difference between the Oroko and Congolese culture is the fact that, the Congolese have promoted theirs across bothers, while the Orokos are still to emerge but the cultures are the same. As an artiste I am a teacher of good morals to societies, but a teacher does his job without bias to all students alike but some students will fail and blame the teacher for their misfortune. As a businessman, I am out to make profit and rumba has an audience which is helping me to achieve such goals.

Tell me what led you into the style of music you do…

It is just my taste for class. Rumba isn’t noisy and not good for rascals. The dance steps are slow and good for mature person since the whole of it comprises the expression of love and romance which is usually appreciated by people of quality class.

Many artists became challenged by a personal situation in life and resorted to music as a panacea. What do you consider to be your single most enduring drive in music?

I am music and music is me. You can’t separate one from all. My parents sing and I inherited it from them both. I’m just taking it to a professional level they could not. Take the whole world and give me music.

Rumour has it that you will be releasing a new single on January 01, how true is this claim?

It is no more a rumour. The recording, mixing and mastering of the single song track entitled “Efferalgan” is as we speak completed with plenty of success. The plan for its release at the wake of a new dawn is drawn with style. We are set and waiting for the day.

So why Efferalgan…?

Where I am based in this area of the world, Efferalgan is easiest and most common drug for the relief of pain, headache, fever etc.. In my song, I brand my partner as Efferalgan to mean she plays the human role in me as the drug Efferalgan does to malady. My hope and wish is that my fans and their partners see each other as the bringer of relief in all situations, in order to gain happiness which of course is the most needed foundation for a healthy living.

Do you think this new song will change your future in music?

 It doesn’t only change my musical future. It opens a new dimension in my career and paves a way for a new beginning suitable for the vision I carry. A man with experienced fathers soon develops feathers. With the presence of Mr Christopher Lobe Itoe and Mr Obase Samuel Ngota as advisers, all I can think of is success.


Do you consider yourself a self-made success?


Yes, if by self-made success, you mean “going through thick and thin to get that which must Keep you surviving in life without depending on others”, then that’s what I am

Many of your tribesmen say they’d love to see you work with other artists like Paolo de Plaisir, Nara and Betondi James. Can such a vision materialise?


That goes a long way to say I possess some very rare valuable viruses that they believe in. As a custodian of the Oroko culture, my doors are open to whoever wants to work with me for the good of the Orokos and the world at large.


Any last word for your fans…?


In recent times we are all faced with family, religious, cultural, socio-economic and political upheavals. Some musicians have decided to plunge our world into the suffering of moral decadence by the kind of music they play and the nude videos they produce in the name of arts. Poverty has torn lovers apart, capital flight is propagated by some unscrupulous men in power setting the backdrop of our economy, instead of preaching the kingdom of God; some prophets in the name of the church preach us prosperity and bend some to the will of their fake prophecies. We are more educated today but jobs are hard to come by. Some of us are internally displaced while others are refugees but authorities take advantage of social unrest to amass wealth for themselves, in fact we have every right to be angry but we should always consider that no nation is built by angry men. We should further consider that we are living in better time than Shakespeare, Jesus, Aristotle, Martin Luther King, Jr, Pythagoras and many more. If we therefore consider the above, we shall see reason to be happy in thanksgiving to the father of creation for any opportunity offered us to see the rising sun in each day. We shall go a long way to pull from the wells within us and be at peace with one another as we listen to this great melody of the song titled “Efferalgan” from the 1 day of January 2019. I love you all.

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