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Biya Promises To Make Cameroon A Developed Country By 2035

Yaoundé (National Times)-Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, has promised to transform the country’s economy from an undeveloped to a developed economy by 2035.

Speaking during his traditional end of year speech on December 31, 2018, Paul Biya said his slogan of “emergence” refers to a mutation from an underdeveloped to a developed economy.

“Emergence means moving from an underdeveloped economy to a develop economy,” Biya said.

While acknowledging the hardship experienced by Cameroonians, Biya however transferred the blames to the mutations of prices of commodity and oil at the world market and promised to transform Cameroon from a raw material based economy to a modernised economy.

Biya promised to create industries which would transform raw materials on the spot so as to limit the level of importation of finished goods into the country.

The President remained steadfast to his tradition of promises and went further to promise the construction of hydroelectric power stations to which would be added solar energy plants at urban and rural levels.

With agricultural transformation, energy improvement, Biya believes his mandate of greater opportunities would be transformed to greater opportunities for the youths in the domain of employment.

According to Paul Biya the economic situation of today is reminiscence of the economic hardship faced by Cameroonians in the late 1980s when prices of commodities and oil fell drastically at the world market.

Being the President then and now, Paul Biya thinks he is embedded with the much experience to handle the current economic challenges.

Just as Paul Biya used measures imposed on the country by international partners which let to severe hardship and economic challenges to the local population beginning the late 1980s, Paul Biya is still counting on the same goodwill of same international partners to join Cameroon in what he called emergence.

However, in its recent reports, the same international partners blamed the Cameroon Government for spending too much on nonessential products which consumed about 52 percent of the State budget of 2017.

In his 18 minutes message to the nation, Paul Biya looked tired but steadfast in reading the speech which was full of the same old promises made over the years to Cameroonians without any concrete transformation on the ground.

Over the years, employment has been promised to the youths, yet the situation keeps soaring as the few opportunities are reserved for those who can pay the price or have somebody in some high quarters.

Moreover, the same power plants whose construction started over a decade ago are nowhere to be delivered to Cameroonians, yet they keep consuming huge sums of money daily and power outages keeps killing Cameroonians.

Just recently, some parts of Douala, the economic capital spent Christmas in total darkness, while there are many areas in the nation’s capital, Yaoundé without electricity for months.


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