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Regional Balance May Deny Anglophones GM Post At SONARA

Limbe(National Times)-A Friday January 4 Cabinet reshuffle in Cameroon which has left vacant the position of the General Manager (GM) of the country’s lone oil refining corporation (SONARA) is leaving a cross section of Anglophones with a feeling that, it could be time to for one of theirs to head the corporation.

Given the fact that it remains within the preserve of President Paul Biya to decide who becomes the next SONARA GM the wish of every Anglophone remains a matter of probability.

In years past, most Anglophones have grumbled over the ‘Francophonisation’ of the position of General Manager of the State oil refinery corporation.

Not even a child from the oild-rich English-speaking South West Region has ever had the opportunity to head the corporation.

It may even be difficult  for Anglophones to have one of theirs appointed, given that there is already an Anglophone at the National Hydrocarbons Prices stabilisation Fund abbreviated in French as CSPH.

Johnson Okie Ndoh of Kupe-Muanenguba extraction, an Anglophone, succeeded Minister Paul Elung Che as CSPH General Manager.

While Elung cumulated the position of CSPH GM with that of Minister Delegate to the Ministry of Finance in Charge of the Budget, most Francophones scrambled but Biya rather gave it to Anglophones.

At the moment, rumours are already making the rounds that a certain Ismael Joseph Ngo a Francophone could be given the SONARA top job.

Ngo a senior custom official is currently Director General of the Public Contracts Regulatory Agency. He is said to be a native of Nanga Eboko; same area of origin with the President’s wife, Chantal Biya.

However, some Anglophones are still hoping that given the socio-political pressures in the North West and South West Region, President Biya may decide to surprise Anglophones with one of theirs as new General Manager of SONARA.

If this happens, it means SONARA’s long time Board Chairman of Anglophone extraction, former Special Duties Minister John Ebong Ngolle will have to be replaced by a French-speaking Cameroonian.

In the face of the political calculations and expectations within the public space, the powers remain those of President Biya to decide who takes over the helm of SONARA in the coming days.


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