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Travellers, Corpses Stranded As Gunmen Block Roads Across NW

Bamenda(National Times)-Scores of travellers across some parts of Cameroon’s restive North West Region were left stranded with belongings and corpses along different stretches owing to road blocks which suspected separatist fighters raised over the weekend hindering movements.

Vehicles grounded on highway

Such experiences which unfolded in the evening hours of Friday spanned to Sunday January 13. In some cases, cars, bikes and other locomotives could not progress owing to destruction of bridges.

On Saturday, January 12, a family was left stranded with a corpse through bush paths in Kom land owing to road blocks. Victims of that road block were forced to off load the coffin and carry it through bush paths around Mbingo Junction through Kikfuni to Njinikom.

Families of those concerned carried along the remains of loved ones resting across the bush as they battled to beat the road blocks suspected to be the handiwork of separatists.

On Sunday, movement was rendered impossible between the Regional capital of Bamenda to Mbengwi headquarter of Momo Division.

The blockade on the Bamenda-Mbengwi stretch left hundreds stranded on both ends.

A similar situation unfolded in Bamunka Ndop. Vehicles could not progress further after suspected gunmen cut off the Bambili Bridge. Inhabitants on transit were left stranded for hours while some returned home in agony.

Confusion in the case of the Mbengwi-Bamenda stretch remains high given that, security forces raided a separatist’s camp at Alabukam a small locality in between.

The raid gave travellers the thinking that the suspected separatists erecting road blocks had been suppressed for movements to be hitch free.

These developments are coming after the main city of Bamenda emerged from four days of lockdown throughout last week.

Thus, the social fabric of the Region was expected to be alive from Friday through Sunday leading to a ghost town on Monday. Yet developments in the hinterland made such human circulation difficult. A number of Sub-divisions in the Region remain cut-off owing to multiple road blocks.

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