‘Our Children Were Forced, Drugged Into The Ambazonia War’, Former Minister Laments, Appeals For Disarmament

My dear brothers and sisters shamefully enough, we are living our own houses in the South West Region.. let me take our Meme.. many of you who are rich have taken your children to Douala, to Nkongsamba, to Yaounde and the rest, what will the poor man do… what will the poor ones do and why will you shamefully join the enemy territory to inscribe your children… you call yourselves ambazonians… it is illogical… it is contradictory. I’m appealing to all those who are in the bushes… the president of the republic has appealed to all those who are in the bushes.. you don’t need to live in prostitution, that is why, we have opted for dialogue and the dialogue is ongoing. There are many things that are ongoing.