Cameroon’s Weak SME Preoccupies Gov’t As Dependence On Imports Remain High

Basiliken pointed out that SMEs can do better if they are supported by the government – “In view to reinforce the competitiveness of SMEs, the Minister highlighted the need to revive the support programme for the development of the private sector, operationalize alternative modes of funding, implement measures to support SMEs and aid their search for opportunities at the national and international level.”


Cameroon’s Current Challenges Are Fruits Of Incapacity Of Biya Gov’t-CRM Vice President

Talking about regional elections, Barrister Simh said, such can only be possible after a national dialogue on how to manage Cameroon’s problems. He argued that regional executives cannot be voted by the current municipal councillors because their mandate expired last year officially. So according to him, municipal elections should be organised first before regional elections since municipal councilors are going to vote regional executives.


Biya Permits UN Human Rights Mission To Cameroon At Last

This would be the first visit of a UN Human rights body since the advent of the conflict in the North West and South West regions some three years on. The former Human Rights chief, Zeid al-Hussein persistently frowned at the government of Cameroon whom he accused of refusing entry despite several appeals by his office to investigate alleged incidences of human rights abuses in the restive Anglophone regions.


Civil Aviation Authority suspends CAMAIR-CO’s Ailing Plane

The suspension came after an incident at the Bafoussam airport involving one of the Chinese bought MA60 on March 10, 2019 which almost let to great loss of lives and materials.
According to a letter addressed to the Director General of CAMAIR-CO, Ernest Dikoum by the Director General of CCAA, Paule Assoumou Koki, the incident proves that the plane is not air-worthy. The aircraft is grounded until a certificate satisfying its worthiness is produced.