UNFP Pledges Support For Biya Gov’t To Arrest Maternal Mortality

Yaoundé (National Times)-The West and Central Africa Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFP) Mabingue Ngom has pledged the institution’s support to aid the Biya regime arrest maternal mortality and finance the public health sector.

Mabingue announced the commitment of the UNFP Thursday  March 27 shortly after meeting state authorities in the country.

The UNFP director was first granted audience at Cameroon’s presidency. Minister of State, Secretary General at the presidency Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh received the official on behalf of president Biya.

After the presidency, Mabingue was again at the Prime Minister’s office. The visiting official and the head of Government Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute discussed issues related to the fight against maternal mortality among others.

Emerging from the audience with the Prime Minister, the UNFP director declared that “we discussed the issue of health and the financing of the health sector despite the challenges the government is facing. There is the issue of maternal mortality where we really pledge additional support to work with the government so that we can arrive at a much lower rate of maternal mortality. The Prime Minister is very sensitive and very convinced that, no woman should die while  giving birth

We also had the chance to discuss the issue of the crisis in the extreme North, and how the United Nations as one working as a team can continue to support the effort of the government through the collective intelligence of the other countries around may be Nigeria, Niger and Chad to make sure that, the responsibility is more effective because… You know that the crisis is a crisis that  is confronting not only a country but it has some cross border aspects” Mabingue told  journalists.

He was accompanied to the Prime Minister’s office by the resident representative of the UNFP in Cameroon Siti Batoul Oussein.The UNFP team also expressed the wish to see the government of Cameroon enjoy the dividends of its youthful population.

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