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North West Governor Lifts Curfew On Movement Of Persons, Property

Bamenda (National Times)-The Governor of Cameroon’s  restive North West Region Lele Lafrique  Tchoffo Deben Adolphe has lifted a ban placed on the  movements of persons and property within his administrative unit since November 2018.

The  regional order No:011/RO/E/GNWR/GS/PAOD of June 14 repeals  Regional order No: 473/RO/E/GNWR//SG/PAOD of 24th November 2018 which modified and extended the curfew time  from 9PM till 6AM.

Article one of the new order stipulates “that the security restrictions placed on the movement of persons and property within the North West Region are from the date of this present order lifted”. Article two mandates administrative and security offices to implement the order across the region.

The administrative edict is expected to reduce the frustrations of movements across the Region on the population. In the last seven months, movements across the region have been mired in difficulties as security and defense forces held strong to implementing the order.

It is unclear why the Governor has chosen to lift the ban on the movement of persons and property within his administrative area at this time. Observers see it as a sign of relative calm setting in across a region that has known no peace since late 2016.

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