Rossini Sandjong: The Trans-Cameroonian Powering Underprivileged kids In sport

Washington (National Times) – Migration is one of Cameroon’s biggest challenges, as it leads to the exodus of super-talented Cameroonians, creating brain-drain in the country, but it is also one of Cameroon’s biggest strength.

Dozens of Cameroonians who have migrated, often young or after graduating from school, have formed turned out to be great achievers, this are the people I call the trans-Cameroonians. People who were born in Cameroon left the country at a very early age, but have as their central passion they development and advancement of the country, its culture, or activities and ideas central to the life of most Cameroonians.


Today, I will like to share with you three trans-Cameroonians. First, it is evidence that they success although tied to the roots from Cameroon is largely due to the availability of physical and economic structures present in the country were they currently live.


Rossini Sandjong is a gifted Cameroonian born football player, who migrated to Canada aged eight.

According to the Toronto Observer, “He is a team captain and was an Ontario University Athletics second-team all-star in 2017”.

Besides he focus on sports, Sandjong will be graduating with a business and society degree with a focus on global economy and law and governance this year.

Touching on his Cameroonian youth, Sandjong and three other friends have established a “new non-profit organization with the goal of helping “youth in underprivileged situations participate in organized sports”.

The four friends have come together through the love of football. (Justin Manabat/Toronto Observer )

Sports, especially football is central to the life of most, if not all Cameroonian children. By promoting sports among underprivileged children, Sandjong is the good example of a trans-national Cameroonian, born in Cameroon, left the country before 30, is passionate about what is central to life in Cameroon- football, hardworking, no-show off, and evidently has benefited a lot growing up in Montreal Canada.

According to the Toronto Observer, the new NGO “Tiny Strides’ goal is to raise funds to help youth who might not otherwise be able to afford to play sports. Formed by four best friends from the York University football team, the grassroots organization was only established in February but has already made tiny strides of its own”.



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