Ministers, Elite Grace FESTAC Ceremony As Separatists’ Lick Wounds

Limbe(National Times)-The 6th edition of the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture, FESTAC folds up in Limbe, Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon this  Saturday April  13th  amid  a presence of four ministers, elite, traditional rulers  and thousands from people across the country.

It enters the records as a cultural fiesta  staged to a successful end  amid separatists’ threats that failed to stop the ambiance and purpose of the organisers. Limbe thus resonates today with a closing ceremony that registers huge attendance while separatists’ remain arguing over who is in control.

Among the cabinet ministers who attended the closing ceremony are Ministers Pauline Nalova Lyonga of Secondary Education, Joseph Le of public Service and Administrative Reforms, Piere Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt of Arts and Culture and Bonifcae Bayaoula Secretary of State in charge of Teacher Training at the Ministry of Secondary education. Also in attendance was Confiance Ebune, Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s Office.Sons and daughters of the, South West Regions of high standing were equally in attendance.

From L-R( Limbe Gov’t Mutanga, Fako SDO Engamba Ledoux, SW Governor Okalia Bilai, Ministers Bidoung, Nalova, Ebune and Le at FESTAC closing ceremony on Saturday April 13th , 2019 at the Limbe Community Field

The ambiance at the Community field in Limbe speaks the same of the failure the separatists’ recorded in February this year. Then, they had promised to frustrate the 24th Edition of the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope. Yet the event held unperturbed.

Limbe has thus in the 10 days lived celebration, communion, cultural display and the promotion of unity. Musicians from across the country answered in their numbers at the event.

Dance groups from all regions of Cameroon displayed the nation’s rich history and culture. Cultural artifacts and leisure manifestation unique to the festival painted a picture of what the organisers hoped for.

From a reminiscence of the slave trade, boat cruising on the Atlantic Ocean to the canoe race, the ambiance was unique.

On Friday April 12th ,  the winner of the coveted Yaris car through a raffle draw was unveiled. The car valued at FCFA 15 million went to Keukoum Jean You a staff of the national oil refining company (SONARA) amid grumbling and suspicion in certain quarters.Other prizes were won during the raffle draw.

At nightfall same Friday in the heat of festivities, controversy erupted. Controversial reports of gunshots. Others claimed it was rather a tyre puncture that triggered fear. But members of the Communication Committee of FESTAC denied reports of any gunshots around the event ground. Yet reports hold that, gunshots were heard around Nambeke Street and not at the ceremonial ground.

As the ceremony ends this Saturday, organisers are chummy that, they defeated separatists’ threats and went ahead without any consequences.

Separatists’ on the other hand only have themselves to blame for imposing a lockdown that has since remained controversial from day one. The festival they intended to frustrate has ended undisturbed. Rather citizens in other towns and villages of Anglophone Cameroon are those who have lived the pains of seeing their lives grounded for 10 days.


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