Minister Rewards Athlete Clamouring For Peace In NW, SW As Insecurity Escalates

Buea (National Times)-Cameroon’s Sports and Physical Education Minister Professor Nacisse Muelle Kombi took a spontaneous decision Saturday February 23rd  rewarding  an athlete who ran up and down the Mount Fako carrying a peace plant and the nation’s flag calling for a return to peace in the conflict-ravaged English-speaking  for citizenship and patriotism.

The athlete Jules Kom Kom surfaced at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium 7am Saturday at the starting line with Cameroon’s flag and a peace plant. He ran to the summit and returned hours later when the stadium was already deep in the frenzy of celebrating winners.

Minister Muelle Kombi of Sports and Physical education hands over special prize of patriotism and peace to Jules Kom Saturday February 23rd, 2019 at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium

Kom touched the hearts of spectators as he ran to the finish line of the race showing forth the peace plant. He will then kneel down lifting his eyes to the skies as though praying for peace to return. In the wake of  the ripples of applause that trailed his action, Kom was live on state television for an interview.

Moments later, the Minister asked to see the athlete. Muelle Kombi thus offered Kom a special Prize  of FCFA 200.000 for patriotism and citizenship.

In an earlier chat with reporters, the athlete recounted that, he has been a long time advocate for peace. He recalled doing same when the Islamic sect Boko haram surfaced on Cameroon’s soil  provoking havoc.

Kom said, every Cameroonian should be a promoter of peace. After expressing himself in French, the athlete then turned to the national flag wrapped all over his body stating in Pidgin- English that “one plus one na one”.

The connotation of his utterance in English was to pass a message across that Cameroon is one an indivisible irrespective of its numerous problems.

Following the move, there was a wave of the distribution of peace plants to athletes and officials at the occasion ground to enhance calls for peace to return in Cameroon’s troubled regions.

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  1. All journalists are the head of all the kills that are taking placein the NW and Sw regions owing to the way they present information to their audience. At times they make unbalanced report and more to that hate speech is the order of the day.

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